“Hamster Pants from Ratboy Jr. is rocking silly fun that solidifies the band's’ place among the best kindie songwriters today.”  
Kids Corner /WXPN 

“Hamster Pants is the kind of album you'll want on the days when the world stops making sense, and your family needs a little absurdity to get through the day.” Parents Choice Award   

"Timmy and Matty have jammed with biggies like the Ramones and Pete Seeger. Today the pint-size set can hear their infectious tunes about garbage men and banana stands."  
Time out NY 

“If Calvin & Hobbes had a soundtrack, this would be it.”
Boston Children's Music review 

"How to Eat A Cloud" by Ratboy Jr.  I think we can all agree that cloud juice is best for hydration.  But before you squeeze it, why not eat it? 
Scholastic Magazine 

“Their easy, self-effacing rapport, along with the comedic-but-substantial arrangements, remind me quite a lot of Flight of the Conchords. Ratboy, Jr.’s take on kids’ rock has always been surreal and absurdist more than moralistic and didactic.”
Almanac Weekly 

“Ratboy Jr. makes the kind of music that adults enjoy too. It’s creative, clever and it’s just good music.”  
Kids Almanac 

“Ratboy Jr's Ween-esque, intergalactic folk music is paired with curious subject matter like eating clouds, high five-ing shadows, big-headed Mexican wrestling hopefuls, space fuzz, and guitar pickin' chickens.  This album is every bit as funny as it is fun.”  
Out With The Kids 

“I've always appreciated the low-key offbeat humor of New York duo Ratboy Jr.  They sing songs that would remind you of Roald Dahl or Shel Silverstein if they were both gentler and perhaps a little less sentimental.”  

“Ratboy Jr. at first sounds simple -- but once you listen a little, you realize that simplicity is deceptive.  Looping and good natured, it's goofy stuff that will make you smile and will probably make your kids crack up.”
 Spare the Rock 

“Champions of the Universe is a goodie bag of fun filled with clever lyrics, creative storytelling, entertaining rhymes and humorous riddles. Each song invites listeners on a journey to explore artful and abstract scenarios that aim to nurture a child’s imagination.”
Kids can Groove 

“Ratboy Jr. rocks it hard with the hip sensibilities of the coolest indie garage-influenced bands. To get a quick aural snapshot, imagine R.E.M., Lou Reed, Weezer, Cake, Beastie Boys, etc. singing about monsters, backyard camping, breakfast, upside down worlds, puppets, and eating clouds. Yeah, it’s pretty wild stuff!”  

"Charmingly ragged harmonies, warm brass, and a slightly jammy aesthetic all add up to a wonderfully down-to-earth listening experience that manages to feel as expansive as any Phish record while keeping every song under four minutes" Dadnabbit 

"Ratboy Jr. should be the official Kindie rock summer soundtrack"  
Nugget Island