Ratboy Jr. is proud to announce the release of their fourth record, Lucky Foot and Sunny Moon. Timmy and Matty worked on this album with their best bud and super producer, Dean Jones at No Parking Studio. Taking their time (just about 2 years), they wrote many new songs and even recorded 4 classic tracks. Is 10 years classic yet? Songs about Clowns, Brains, Faces, Snack Trays, Snuggling, and more!

This new album features all original artwork from Timmy’s late grandfather, Anton Refregier. He was a painter, WPA muralist, Sculptor, Teacher, Activist, Magical Grandfather, and more. The last band to use his grandfather's artwork was the Weavers in 1959.

A new album means new music vidoes

This is our fourth video from our album, Lucky Foot and Sunny Moon. For more info: ratboyjr.com or listen on Itunes, Spotify, etc.

This is our third video from our latest album, Lucky Foot and Sunny Moon. Video produced by Oh, MY! Productions and Wicker Monkey Studio. Art Direction and Chin Concept by Ryan Sullivan.

This is our second video from the new album. After you watch it, go outside and run around! We filmed this video at the Woodstock Day School and Thorn Preserve. Directed and Edited by Brett Bisogno and produced by Tim Sutton

This past April, Timmy, worked with Woodstock Travels and brought students on a service learning trip to Nepal and India. They spent two days at a school in a remote village in Nepal. While there, they filmed a music video for the song, Hey Face.

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